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In accordance with art.13 L.196/03 we inform you of the following. On your privacy is protected and respected. Your personal data and the works you will send us are used in a confidential and secure way, in accordance with current privacy laws.

By writing to our e-mails you consent to the collection, processing and storage, on our part, of your data, works written by you and personal and business information according to the Privacy Policy of Italy Trading.

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding your personal data, the content of this website or other topics related to Italy Trading please write to us at the email address indicated here (

Personal Data and Copyrighted Works

Personal data and copyrighted works are collected through the use of e-mails you send us and online forms. Each time you visit our website we will collect generic information about the geographical origin of the visitors, their computer systems, but in a strictly anonymous way. All this data is incorporated into the responsibility files of Italy Trading’s staff.

We collect personal data and copyrighted works for:

help us understand your needs, in order to offer you better services
allow you to communicate with our staff
inform you about the services and advice offered by Italy Trading
to elaborate scientific, social, economic and market studies solely for internal purposes within the sites and services of Italy Trading
set up a database for consultation purposes to which only the staff of Italy Trading has access


Definition of cookies taken from Wikipedia: “HTTP cookies (more commonly referred to as web cookies, tracking cookies or simply cookies) are text lines used to perform certain operations, automatically, on the Internet”.

On this website we use the following types of cookies for their purposes:

technical cookies to remember the consent (or not) of the user with respect to the information available, on first access, on all pages of the website;
cookies associated with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter services to give you the opportunity to redirect our content to social networks;
cookies associated with LinkedIn, Slideshare, YouTube, Instagram services to give us the ability to incorporate content within our own to make it richer and more comprehensive;
cookies associated with the advertising services offered by Google, Facebook, Twitter to understand if you have passed through our website and, if you meet certain conditions, to re-propose our services in the form of advertising;
cookies associated with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager services to understand how you visit our website and to improve it from time to time;

To learn more about how these companies use your information, we link below to the different privacy policies:

Atomattic (WordPress)
LinkedIn (also for Slideshare)

How to delete cookies

In your browser you can set your privacy preferences so that you do not store cookies, delete them after each visit or every time you close your browser, or even accept only the cookies of and not those of third parties; there is also a service, Your Online Choices, which shows you which cookies install the various services and how you can disable them, one by one.

We only collect essential personal data

No data is required beyond the minimum necessary. All data are processed electronically and are used by the staff of Italy Trading through mechanical operations necessary to perform the required services, including the modification and deletion of data by the owner.

Right of access, updating and deletion of your personal data and files submitted

You have the right to obtain intelligible and complete communications from us about your files and works, your personal and business data in our possession and you have the right to modify, update or delete them. Furthermore, you can stop the use of your data by Italy Trading by writing an e-mail to us.

The users of guarantee that the personal data provided to the site are true, exact, complete and updated, and that they will provide us with any updates.

Non-transfer of your data and copyrighted works

The data and works covered by copyright, which customers will send us by email and regular mail, are not transferred to any person outside the staff of Italy Trading and outside the circle of their collaborators – under contract of non-disclosure – unless expressly authorized by the author. All data accessible by the

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